Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Stock up for spring

We all need to think about stocking up bait for spring. Also rigs need to be renewed for another year of great fishing at Borwick fisheries.

Monday, 26 July 2010

Pond 1

Pond 1 is the place to be at the moment. This is because of the extraordinary amounts of fish being pulled out. Fingals pond at Borwick Fisheries has is mainly stocked with carp, skimmers and ide. There are also Rudd, Roach etc.

You can catch the carp in a number of ways such as method feeding, float fishing with the rod and pole fishing. At Borwick Fisheries, I think that the best method is with the pole. You can hammer them. They won't be many over 5-6lbs this way but the magic 'tonne' is achievable.

When fishing different ways such as method feeder or open cage feeder then the bigger fish are on. If you get your tactics right then you could be landing a carp 8-10lbs big. When doing this ensure you cast just in front of the weed so that when you get a fish you don't drag it through and get tangled.

Here's a top tip for match fishing on this lake. If you want to catch silver fish or it's maggot only then fish for the ide. They are reaching the 1-2lbs mark and the pond is well stocked with them. In a 5 hour match fishing just off the surface you could land 70lbs of the sliver fish and if your lucky then the odd carp might take your bait.

Now that you know the secrets of Fingals pond at Borwick Fisheries you can go and have a great day pleasure fishing or match fishing.

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Prime Time

The fish at Borwick Fisheries are at their prime now. The carp are getting their heads down and fishing well. The best bait at the moment at Borwick Fisheries is paste and corn. So good luck and happy fishing again.

Saturday, 7 November 2009

Bed Time

Say good night to the carp, perch, roach and ornamental fish and say hello to the very active pike at Borwick Fisheries. Yes, the season for the commercial carp angler is coming to the end not just at Borwick Fisheries but all over the country as well. Now the pike enthusiasts gather their rods ans spinners to try and bag a record even at Borwick Fisheries.

Top Tips For Pike

1. Get a good strong wire trace. This is essential at Borwick Fisheries as there are pike over 30lbs.

2. Get good quality line (branded is best). This is also essential at Borwick Fisheries as there are pike over 30lbs.

3. Have more than just one spinner. Try plugs and jigs as well.

4. A good strong rod. NOT A CARP ROD. These are far too flexible.

5. A smooth reel. the more ball baring the better (also the fight will be shorter against the bigger ones).

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Borwick Fisheries

Borwick Fisheries

Borwick fisheries has a pond for everyone. It doesn't matter at borwick fisheries if you are a beginner or a world champion fisher. Borwick fisheries is in a nice peaceful place so you will never be interupted in an afternoons fishing. The fish at Borwick fisheries range from a coupple ounce up to 30lb+ of carp. Paradise is close when you visit Borwick fisheries. It's a perfect day out for all of the family!

It's not all about big carp either at Borwick fisheries. In pond 1 there is some cracking pike that are also over 30lbs. These beasts can be caught on a number of methods but I think the best method is spinning. It caught me a 17lb 4oz pike on a regular spinner that would only cost a quid.